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Fake It

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment

Fake it

I took a picture
In black and white
One last day in this town
Looking somewhere to hide
From midnight crowd

I find myself on the bridge
I see me thinking of the freefall
Listen, save me from this
Escape through the wall

Seconds minutes hours go by
On last day in this place
All this tension ripping inside
Will explode in your face

When no one nothing will save me
I better close this and go
I take no more than you gave me
When I leave for the unknown

Fake it if you want me to see you
Fake it if you want me to run
Fake it if you want me to trust you
But I don`t know if I can
Keep me closer
Stay away
My time is up
You`re here to stay

© Darius Mileris NOJUS. 13/02/2011. Dublin.

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